Concrete Demo and Replace At FedEx Forum

by on September 8, 2016

Through one of our partners, we were requested to visit FedEx Forum to look at some concrete sidewalk that was damaged and needed to be replaced.

Our contact introduced us to the Grizzlies contact and we viewed the work.

The Grizzlies contact told us that they had called lots of other contractors but nobody would even come to take a look at the damaged concrete.

We're different.

Our business has been set up to quickly respond to customer requests on all types of projects, but we excel at small projects or minor construction that nobody else even wants to take a look at.

Here are the before pictures:

IMG_1775 (1)IMG_1777 (1)



The condition of the concrete created a hazard for the public.

So FedEx Forum management hired us to demolish and replace the concrete.

Here's the after picture:




What project do you have sitting on your "to do list" that you need to have done, but nobody is even willing to take a look at?

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