We’ve been performing special projects of all kinds in the industrial space for more than 20 years.

From concrete pump pads to bump posts, from modifying conveyors to relocating industrial racking. we’ve helped many of the mid-south’s most respected companies keep their facilities in top shape.

Here’s a partial list of just a few of the projects that we’ve completed:

  1. Selective demolition of JC Penneys at Raleigh Springs Mall
  2. Concrete sidewalk crack repair – American Cancer Society
  3. Water treatment facility at J.M. Smuckers Jelly plant
  4. Sound proof Plant Engineer’s Office – Rich Products
  5. Build new QC lab for Smuckers Jelly Plant
  6. Remodel Gun Room – Dillard Door and Security
  7. Industrial ducting project – Evercompounds
  8. Plant closure services at Smurfit Stone in Olive Branch
  9. Plant closure services at Bardcor (International Paper) in West Memphis
  10. Rail spur dock protection design, fabrication and installation at JM Smuckers Jelly
  11. New QC lab including cabinets, electrical, Concrete block, compressed air and water – JM Smuckers Jelly
  12. Install protective plastic sheeting to catch roofing debris as part of roof replacement at JM Smucker Jelly
  13. Install removable guardrails at JM Smucker Jelly
  14.  Install metal wall sheets at Prairie Farms Dairy
  15. Concrete wall demo and housekeeping pad at Allen Pumping Station
  16. Remove and replace damaged concrete at FedEx Forum
  17. Build a Fiber Optics room at The Federal Reserve Bank
  18. Install Block knee wall with metal stud/drywall on top to roof deck in Graham Packaging
  19. Replace broken product transfer pump at JM Smucker Jelly
  20. Design and install compressed air system with redundant refrigerated dryers at Cummins Mid-South
  21. Relocate custom manufacturing operation – Cummins Mid-South
  22. Problem solve, design, fabricate and install (9) gooseneck vents on TPM Elm Packaging
  23. Install FRP wall sheets in 32 Degree room at JM Smucker Jelly
  24. Problem solve, design, fabricate and install method to temporarily expand opening into building to allow new equipment to be installed – JM Smucker Jelly
  25. Demo 50′ x 50′ x 30′ tall metal stud/drywall building in less than 6 hours with minimal dust – Smurfit Stone
  26. Demo 12,000 SF of office space inside warehouse in less than 5 days – Smurfit Stone
  27. Install new palletizer including concrete foundation – Prairie Farms Dairy
  28. Install new shrink wrap machine – JM Smucker Jelly Plant
  29. Demo and replace concrete steps at JM Smucker Jelly
  30. Repair concrete tilt up wall where 18 wheeler backed into it – JM Smucker Jelly
  31. Convert manufacturing facility into warehouse – JM Smucker Jelly
  32. Remove and replace damaged flooring in lab – IBC manufacturing
  33. Design, fabricate, erect structural steel and install process equipment – Buckeye Cellulose (now Georgia Pacific)
  34. Provide and install tool cage at Sugar Services in Covington, TN
  35. Emergency fabrication and installation of new structural column and foundation for Owens Corning roofing plant in Memphis.
  36. Mens and womens bathroom renovation in production area – Rich Products
  37. Break room Renovation – JM Smucker Jelly
  38. Provide and install rolling steel door in Cook Room at JM Smucker Jelly
  39. Relocate Overhead Cranes for National Filter Media
  40. Perform concrete foundation and drains for Project Graceland at JM Smucker Jelly
  41. West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center – Concrete pad and sidewalk for large dehumidifiers. Enclose body intake area with metal stud wall and automatic doors. 
  42. Concrete light pole base repair
  43. Concrete wall modifications and insulated metal panel mods for Smuckers Jiff

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