Break room

This is a picture of the break room that we remodeled for Dillard Door and Security. 

Our scope of work was as follows: 

  • Remove existing ceiling tiles, install tees to convert from 2 x 4 to 2 x 2. 
  • Install new Armstrong Dune reveal edge ceiling tile
  • Remove existing cabinets
  • Modify water drain, hot water and cold water piping – add drops for coffee maker and refrigerator. 
  • Install new cabinets and granite counter tops. 
  • Patch, repair drywall damage and paint. 
  • Paint doors and frames
  • Correct damaged floor in preparation for ceramic tile installation
  • Provide and install new ceramic tile on floor
  • Provide and install Millworks baseboard
  • Provide and install new thresholds

If you’d like to talk with us about remodeling your break room, give Bret a call at (901) 496-3890 to schedule a free site visit and project consultation today. 

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