Raleigh Springs Mall Selective Demo

We were called to selectively demolish parts of the old JC Penney building at the Raleigh Springs Mall before it was totally demolished last year.

From what the owner at the time told us, no other demo company wanted to touch it because the structure we had to demo was integral to the existing mall that was to remain.

Working with a structural engineer and with a lot of prayer, we were able to successfully remove all of the structural steel and roof sheeting from the building with no damage to the existing mall.

The project was completed in 54 days but could have been done in only 38 days if it wasn’t for equipment breakdowns caused by poorly maintained equipment from an equipment rental company.

Here are the before pics:


Here are some during pictures:


Here are the after pictures:


This was such a unique project that we actually did our first quote video. The owner was from Moracco and didn’t understand basic construction terms so we put together a video to explain them.
Here’s the video:

We go to great lengths to make sure that our customers understand completely what is included in a quote.

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