Relocate Overhead Cranes

One of our trade partners contacted us about a need one of their customers had. 

The customer, National Filter Media, needed to have (2) bridge cranes relocated inside their facility. 

The work had to be performed at night to eliminate any disruption to normal operations. 

In short order we were able to complete the work so the customer could use the newly relocated equipment. 

Heres’ a picture that show the work being performed. 


If you have a unique project that you need to have done with minimal disruption to your operations, we are the company to call. 

We have extensive experience working at Valero and can  create unique ways to minimize disruption to your operations while getting the project completed. 

Tap into unbelievable expertise. Call Bret at (901) 496-3890 to schedule your free site visit and project consultation. 

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