Construction Management

You're great at making your product or managing your business.

But you're probably not so good at managing a construction project.

In the normal course of a growing company like yours, you'll have the need to expand your existing facilities, move to new facilities and modify them or build a completely new facility custom designed for your exact needs.

Its at this exact time of expansion where you are at the most risk business-wise...when you step outside your area of expertise and take on something that you have very little or no experience in performing.

That's where we come in...we come along side you...and help you through the process of choosing an architectural and engineering firm...make sure that your needs and wants are met at the lowest cost possible.

We make sure that the architects and engineers provide the services you need without going on wild goose chases with your money.

Once the design is completed and approved by you (we walk you through the review process) then we create bid packages for all the contractors that will work on your project.

Then we recommend contractors for each phase of construction to submit the bid packages to.

Next, we evaluate the quotes the contractors provide and give you recommendations as to who should perform each phase of the work.

After choosing the contractors, we create a master schedule for the entire project and manage construction.

You're updated weekly as to the status of the project and if you want, you'll get a list of the items completed that week.

As construction is nearing the end, we create an cumulative list of outstanding issues for the contractors to complete or correct.

The contractors are asked to work on the outstanding issues list before construction is completed so the punch list of items that need to be corrected is small or non-existent.

Once all outstanding issues and punch list items are complete, we meet with you on a final walkthrough to insure you are satisfied with the results of the project.

We do all of this for a fixed hourly rate NOT a % of constructed cost like most other Construction Management companies.

If you'd like to learn more about our construction management services or to schedule a time when we can meet with you to discuss your project please contact Bret Mundt at or on his mobile phone at (901) 496-3890.

No project is too small. Give us an opportunity to prove to you how enjoyable construction can be when you work with seasoned professionals who insure you get what you're paying for.