Facilities Services

Mundt Construction's Facilities Services Group was created to make your job easier.

From performing the small day to day projects that must be done to keep your facility properly maintained to helping direct building expansion or modifications, we have your back.

We work with you to minimize operating costs while maximizing your building’s efficiency and performance. The goal is to provide you with a facility that operates reliably at the lowest possible cost.

To make it even better, all of our facilities services are available a-la-carte.

You can choose to have us manage your complete facility from soup to nuts or just handle the parts of caring for your facility that you don't have the in-house expertise to handle.

While we primarily focus on manufacturing facilities, we also provide custom tailored facility management services for commercial and office buildings as well.

In addition, we provide you with emergency response services when you need them.

Tap into our more than 25 years of experience to cut your engineering costs and to accelerate project completion so you start seeing ROI faster for the money you have invested.

Turning a project over as quickly as possible is one of our strong points.

To learn more about our facility services, contact Bret Mundt at bmundt@mundtconstruction.com or on his mobile at (901) 496-3890.

Be sure to ask about our Share-an-Engineer program that gives you access to top engineers at a fraction of their normal annual costs.